Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate Challenge

Friday, March 14, 2008

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate Review

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Here is a sample of some of the content of what you will learn with the CONFESSIONS OF A LAZY SUPER-AFFILIATE e-book.

Making a Six-Figure Income From Passive, Hands-Off Affiliate Marketing Isn't As Hard As You Think.

But Most People Fail Miserably (See Why Below)

5 Proven, "Hands-Off" Traffic-Generation Techniques That Have Made Me a Fortune...

1) Viral Marketing

I create QUALITY freeware/shareware applications that are really basic and directly market one product or affiliate program.

Then I distribute them to about 600 software directories using a software submission program (details below this article). Honestly, almost all the traffic comes from the big sites that only accept legit programs that aren't just spam or "browsers" that open an affiliate link.

So don't build junk; it's not worth your time.

This has generated almost 490,000 unique visitors this year in few different markets. I make about anywhere from $90 - $250 a day as a result of these passive efforts (so far, increasing continually as I put more stuff out there).

Also, I have one campaign right now that acts as a list-builder and gets about 30 to 50 new subscribers a day.

My best single day was just over $9,100.00 in sales straight from organic, viral marketing. I was pretty stoked; it was an unusual - but very welcome - spike in traffic and sales. (That wasn't forex, it was another product)

2) Basic, Easy SEO Linking Methods That Are Supposedly Dead

There's a lot of people out there who say that reciprocal linking and even linking in general is "dead".

They're lying, or they're 'parroting' something (inaccurate) that they've heard.

Reciprocal links aren't as effective as one-way links for search engine marketing, but they DO have an impact on your traffic - especially in search engines like MSN and Yahoo. And because it's so easy to do (or outsource), I continue to do it, and it continues to work.

3) Build Useful Resources Worth Linking To and "Talking" About

In continuation, if those mini-sites really pull AND if the market holds my interest and I can stand writing about it, then I proceed to roll out the "mother site".

This is the big-ass free site that does something really cool or helpful (or free that's usually charged for); it will eventually become a staple "Authority site" in the niche, and most of your traffic will be controlled by it.

This is the part you where you need to plan your growth, start outsourcing content creation and so on.

(Income-wise, the Mother site will basically be earning whatever your mini-sites do for quite a while until the search engines start seeing it as an actual authority and the long-tail traffic roars in from a multitude of high-ranking content)

And it ties in directly to the next strategy...

4) Build a Better Product (Or An Accessory Product) and Attract Affiliates

If you've done all the prior steps, you're now a major force in your market.

It's time to step it up even further and make some serious cash by rolling out your own product, or series of related products that all cross-promote eachother in some way.

You will be controlling a lot of traffic now so this will let you test - in real time - the effectiveness of your OWN offer versus your proven affiliate converters.

With a better product, higher conversions and the same (or perhaps better) commission to affiliates, you should be able to attract affiliates no problem over time.

This is a whole topic in and of itself, but AFFILIATE PROGRAMS are a major, major source of traffic.

And almost nobody talks about it, strangely.

5) Do It All Over Again

Whether you do this in the same general niche or in a different one, just repeat these steps over and over again until you reach your ideal income target.

Yes - in a general "bird's eye" sense - it's really that easy.


Those were a few of my most effective strategies for generating loads of free traffic, on-demand, with almost instantaneous results - even in the most crowded and competitive markets.

But for a few of you, it's just the tip of the iceberg...